About the Moto Guzzi Club GB

 How it all started - Brief History


Image Moto Guzzi BrevaThe Moto Guzzi Club GB was established 1976 by a small band of just 40 enthusiasts. The Club now has approximately 2,500 members in the UK, Ireland and Overseas.

There are  more than 40 branches in the UK and Ireland which cater for local activities. These include ride outs, social events, camping weekends and rallies.  For more details and to find your local Branch visit the Branches section.


What is it all about - The Guzzi Spirit

A recent member’s comment sums it up nicely:

“I've absolutely fallen in love with my Le Mans, it's changed my view of biking. My (on paper far superior) Honda VTR1000 is pretty much redundant, as given the choice I take the Italian bike every time.”

The Club aims to enhance your enjoyment of Moto Guzzi motorbikes by sharing this enjoyment with others. What matters is not whether you're attend events on your bike, but the fact that you turn up and share your experiences and the camaraderie of the Club.

The Moto Guzzi Club GB is essentially a club for riders and enthusiasts and caters for bikes ranging from older single-cylinder Guzzis through to modern "V" twins.  It encourages friendly interaction between fellow motorcycle riders, whatever their choice of bike.


What the club does


  • Gambalunga  - the club's journal

The Club's excellent bi-monthly magazine is called "Gambalunga" which means long-legged in Italian and refers to the 1946 model 500cc racing Guzzi of the same name.  

In keeping with most other motorcycle organisations, the Club has always recognised the importance of producing a top-class magazine, which wouldn’t look out of place in a newsagents!  It is produced to a professional standard, bristling with lively debate, technical articles and all the latest information about Moto Guzzis in general.

  • Regalia

There is a good range of high-quality regalia and merchandise available. They make excellent Christmas or birthday presents!

  • Events

The membership of Moto Guzzi Club GB are well known to be a friendly, welcoming group who are happy to talk to and help pretty much anyone with a genuine interest in motorcycles. This is evident at the number of events the Club holds every year including rallies, camping weekends and also providing stands at several bike shows.  

The events vary in size from our Guzzi Fest with over 300 attending, to small branch rallies of 20 people or less and are held all over the UK and abroad. If we have wetted your appetite then you can find more information in the Events section.

  •  Forum

The online forum can be used to chat with other members, organise branch activities, ask technical questions and join in discussions. There is also a Bikes for Sale section for members' use.  

There is a wealth of technical knowledge in the MGCGB which members can call upon or contribute to. Also included are links to other useful sites, articles and manuals to help you get the most from your Guzzi. 

  • Machine Dating

Members may request one officially recognised machine dating letter free of chargee per year, (extra certificates can be purchased at a reduced rate). Non-members pay £25.00.

  • Other Benefits

The Club also has an ongoing commitment to negotiate and provide a range of benefits for its members. 

Free members advertisements in Gambalunga and on this website 

Discounted event ticket prices 

BMF, MAG and NABD affiliation allowing members to benefit from a wide range of discounts and offers.

Various discounts with retailers and a number of accommodation establishments.