Lodola 175 parts

£250.00 Selling

Dismantled but almost complete rolling chassis (minus engine, saddle and original forks).

All leftover from a Regolarita replica project now abandoned. All in good-to-excellent condition, straight and dent-free.

Big bits missing are: forks and yokes, speedo and binnacle, rear mudguard, seat, dynamo.

Frame and swingarm (never registered in UK)

Fuel tank (cap mislaid at present - thing of beauty so I put it away 'safely'), oil tank and toolbox.

Front wheel - complete

Rear wheel - dismantled - hub resprayed, new cush rubbers.

Tatty but serviceable silencer and downpipe.

Plus chainguard, footrests with rubbers, and lots of other small stuff.

Happy to consider offers, as well as to supply more photos.

Mob: 07776140970

email: trevm@gn.apc.org

BTW If you are interested in improving the forks on your Lodola, I have a good set of hydraulic forks and yokes from a 1960s Benelli 125 Cross which have been professionally adapted with a new stem (and head bearings) to fit the Lodola frame. The work was done by Racetec.




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