Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Gambalunga, the journal of the Moto Guzzi Club GB

     Front Cover Gumbalunga 2007
Gambalunga - meaning "long leg" is named after the long stroke engine in one of Guzzi's single cylinder racing motorcycles. It is a high quality, full colour magazine, featuring approx 75 pages of Guzzi Club news and events, members articles, letters and journey reports, technical articles and a marketplace where you can buy and sell your bikes, parts, clothing and general bike related items. It also features news, events and contact details of your nearest Branch. The links below open PDF files showing the cover and index pages of some past issues.

 Gambalunga Sept-Oct 2018
 Gambalunga Nov-Dec 2018
 Gambalunga Mar-April 2019
 Gambalunga Travel Story

Club Regalia   


If you own a Guzzi and are proud of it, then why not show it with some of our useful Club regalia.  Choose from items such as T-shirts, mugs, keyfobs, a flece, even a folder to keep your Gambalungas in order and more. Or why not give an item or two as a present to a fellow Guzzi Club member or friend.        


Discounts for Club Members

We have various companies that offer discounts to Club members, Ferries, Insurance Companies, Biker Clothing, Guided Bike Tours and much more.

Events and Outings

 Rallies and Camping Weekends

The Moto Guzzi Club GB arranges a number of rallies and camping weekends throughout the year.

A lot of our long standing members use these organised events to meet old friends and make new ones. It is a chance to relax, admire each others motorbikes no matter what age or state and share experiences and hints and tips in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. These events usually take place over a weekend, which gives you a chance to see any local places of interest and in the evening sit together over a drink and catch up on news and share your Guzzi or travel stories.

We also welcome partners and children as well as non Guzzi riding friends and do not insist that you arrive with your motorcycle. If you have trouble packing your children into your panniers or sidecar, simply choose a more suitable mode of transport. Please note that the majority of these events are pre book only, so that we can arrange for adequate provision of amenities, please check the requirements and details before planning your trip.  More details on the events page

 Continental Visits 

These vary from Club organised events, such as International rallies, to trips by individual members, who welcome company on their travels abroad.

For example in past years the Club has organised rallies in France and Germany so if you want to travel abroad and to meet up with friends then why not join us.   

Also most years a group of our members organise a trip to Italy to visit the birth place of Moto Guzzi; the Moto Guzzi factory in Mandello del Lario, on the banks of lake Como.


Branch Activities

With over 2,500 members and 43 branches across Great Britain there is a lot going on. Our Branches arrange meetings, days out, attend shows, organise rallies and even trips abroad. This is where our membership really thrives and as a club we support and encourage local activities. As a member you can get involved and if their isn't a branch near you then we will help you to establish one so you can enjoy meeting and getting out and about with like minded people. To find your local branch and their contact details please visit the Branch Pages .
For details on when and where specific branches meet please also visit the Branch pages.
A number of Branches now also have their own dedicated Branch Facebook page to share last minute news or to simply keep in touch.


Affiliated to MAG, BMF & NABD


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Have your say in the running of the club, vote for the committee positions at the AGM. You'll get a free meal at the end of the meeting provided you partake in it.
If you can't be there, but have a point to discuss, contact our chairman in good time.
Find details on this event in the events section.


Marque Specialist Dating Service

This will not assist you in finding your future husband/wife, but tell you more about the age of your Guzzi, especially if you have an older model with little or no information about it's origin. This service is available free of charge for Moto Guzzi Club GB members who pay for a full year’s membership (one per year) and will give you an officially recognised dating letter. Non club members are able to use this service, but are required to pay (£ 25.--) for it.

To take advantage of this service please contact our machine dating officer quoting your Membership number.


Technical Advice

Ask a technical question and get it answered either via the technical forum section on the website or through Gambalunga, the clubs magazine.
Please note that though non-members can read and reply on the Tech section of the forum, they are not able to create posts and ask their own question. To make use of this valuable facility you must join the Club.


Full Members Forum Account and Access to the Members Only Section on the Club Website

You will not only be able to read, but also post in all forum sections.

The Marketplace which is for selling and finding bikes, spares and accessories, non Club members have to pay a fee for this service.
You can also post in the Tech Talk section, where you can ask others questions and get help with and advise about the technical things that aren't published anywhere.