Machine Dating Service

The Club is registered with the DVLA to issue dating letters for Registration purposes under the V765 scheme for Moto Guzzi Motorcycles over twenty five years old.

All full year members are entitled to one free dating letter per year. Part year members will have to top up their membership fee to be entitled to a dating letter.

Non-Members, or members who require more than one dating letter per year, will have to pay a fee of £25.- for each (additional) letter.

Please note: Dating letters are only valid for use with the DVLA for twelve months from the issue date.

We can only identify the year of build, not the day or month, nor do we have info on the original supplying dealer, the colour it left the factory in, or original colour codes

Machine Dating Letter

To apply for a Dating Letter you will need to provide your Membership Number (or proof of payment), and full postal address.

To issue the dating letter, we will need copies of your documents, and recent photos of:

  1. Frame Number,
  2. Engine Number, and
  3. Complete side view of the bike.

Please send all information and documents to (emails preferred):

Advice on bike registration

You will require a dating letter from a V765 registered club.

If it has been imported you will need a NOVA certificate (available from HMRC if you do not hold one yet)

Once you have these documents go to the DVLA website, complete the V55/5 and pay the fee.

Visit DVLA Website

Reclaiming the original number plate

If you want to reclaim an original number plate you will have to provide the DVLA with proof that the frame number is associated with the registration number, such as old MOT certificates, bills of sale, or log books.

Just having the number plate attached to the bike is not proof, nor are old tax discs.

Once you have the evidence you will have to fill in DVLA form V765 and submit it to me along with copies of supporting evidence so I can give it the Club’s approval and return it to you for submission to the DVLA.

DVLA Application Form

Registering a motorcycle assembled out of parts to obtain an age-related plate

Vehicles built out of mismatched parts, for example a T3 with a square barreled engine, will only ever get a Q plate.

Remember to keep the bike as original as possible if you want an age-related plate – the more you modify it the harder it becomes. If you are building a bike from age-related parts you will need to fill in a V627/1 Built-Up Vehicle Inspection Report / Reconstructed Classic Vehicles and submit it to me for approval.

However the DVLA have very strict criteria on originality and if they are not met I cannot approve your application.