V11 Lemans 2001 just MOT'd May 8th 2024

£3,000.00 Sold

Not ridden for 9 years so need to sell my red/grey 51 plate V11 Lemans.

Had replacement speedo at some point so showing 10000 miles but suspect 15-20000 correct from email to previous owner.

Has been stored on paddock stands in dry garage and started every few months, fuel tank was removed and allowed to dry out but now fitted again, new battery and fuel filter fitted last year.

MOT'd on 8th May 2024

Engine oil and brake and clutch fluid replaced.Tyres look ok but are 18-20 years old so replacing probably safest.

Travelled 20 miles to and from MOT and got up to 60mph without issue.

Lots of upgrades

Gearbox and final drive have Redline Shockproof Heavy oil so should be good for life apparently

Headlights wiring now uses relays 

Ohlins rear suspension

Buell mirrors (almost identical but longer stems)

Buell indicators (identical but flexy stems)

Ducati Monster tail light (looks almost identical but better quality)

Grab rail/ rack

Oval M4 silencers with DB killers and Mistral x-over

MyECU with lambda sensor running closed loop  https://www.myecu.biz/MyECU/index.htm

Roper plate https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/topic/13351-pete-ropers-plate-function-and-design-intent/

Airbox lid drilled and inlets opened up slightly

probably more I've forgotten !

I have most of the original parts, exhaust, ECU, Mirrors etc plus a new oil filter (please note the shock absorbers in pictures are no longer available as another member has asked for them)

Open to offers



Located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.




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